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Glass Drawer Knobs-

Add a vintage style touch to a piece of handpainted furniture, our vintage style glass drawer pulls are ideal for re-creating that shabby chic look, or replacing missing old old glass drawer knobs from antique pieces

Sizes given for the drawer pulls are for the diameter and are approximate.

NB. you can alter the order quantities on the checkout page.........Drawer Pulls Patterned | Drawer Pulls Mixed | Drawer Pulls Spots & Stripes | Drawer Pulls Glass | Drawer Pulls Vintage Colours | Drawer Pulls Whites & Neutrals

Large glass drawer handle or knob ideal for vintage or Shabby Chic furniture

Glass pebble disc drawer knob

Oval glass vintage style drawer knob

DP130 Weighty faceted large glass pull, oh I love these! Chunky with a slightly antiquey tint, look great on a really substantial piece 52mm diameter | Protrudes 48mm Silver back
£4.95 SOLD OUT

DP129 Glass disc drawer pull, smooth pebbly drawer knob with silver centre and backer 30mm diameter, protrudes 30mm 34mm spindle length
£2.95 Just a few, please email

DP131 Glass oval drawer knob 40mm x 26mm backer, protrudes 35mm Antique brass tint backer
£2.95 SOLD OUT few with silver backer please email

Moulded Glass Vintage style drawer pull

Edwardian style? Vintage, Shabby Chic glass drawer knob

Glass starfish drawer pull

DP270 Moulded Glass Flower Drawer Knob 56mm diameter | 40mm deep 36mm spindle
DP197 Faceted Octagonal glass drawer knob, nice cut glass simple pull, ideal for a classic piece, 33mm diameter, 35mm deep. Silver thread through fitting.

DP195 Glass drawer pull with embossed starfish design 40mm diameter 38mm deep antique brass backing plate


Moulded glass vintage style chunky drawer knob Glass flower drawer pull Concave glass vintage style drawer knob
DP263 Moulded glass drawer knob with flower stamped in the centre and grooved sides, sort of remind me of old milk bottles, good for rustic pieces?? 40mm diameter |protrudes 33mm
£2.75 SOLD OUT
DP196 Glass cut flower shape drawer pulls 42mm diameter 30mm depth, 38mm spindle all glass with silver thread through fitting. Oh so pretty, oh so pretty.
£3.50 SOLD OUT DP368 similar?
DP198 Dimply glass concave top clear glass drawer knob, classic vintage shape,38mm diameter 38mm deep | 42mm spindle new stock with silver fittings
£2.95 SOLD OUT



Faceted glass round drawer pull Vintage glass drawer knob Starshine vintage style glass drawer knob
DP362 Medium large glass square cut faceted ball shape drawer pull, catches the light beautifully a real boudoir classic 44mm diameter | Protrudes 36mm | Spindle length 32mm

DP363 Classic vintage style glass drawer knob, raised glass petal design click on photo for side view, silver backing plate 50mm diameter | Protrudes 42mm | Spindle length 34mm

DP364 Vintage style chunky glass drawer knob, point edge design with silver mirrored star in centre, One of my all time favourites. silver backing plate 44mm diameter | Protrudes 30mm | Spindle length 34mm
£3.95 SOLD OUT
Vintage bird drawer knob Vintage shabby chic drawer knob or cupboard pull Love birds vintage style drawer or cupboard knob

DP208 Vintage style glass domed drawer pull, crowned yellow bird silver fittings 40mm
£3.99 SOLD OUT

DP209 Vintage style rosey glass domed birdy pull silver fittings 40mm
£3.99 SOLD OUT

DP207 Vintage love birds with crowns and rose garlands cupboard knob,Glass domed silver fittings 40mm diameter
£3.99 SOLD OUT

Ladybird Flower fairy drawer knob

Green flower fairy drawer knob or pull Yellow oriental bird drawer pull
DP214 Ladybird fairy drawer pull, glass domed silver fittings 40mm diameter
DP215 Green fairy drawer pull, glass domed silver fittings 40mm diameter
DP260 Japanese Influence Yellow Bird Drawer pull, metal pull, domed glass top | 40mm diameter |25mm deep | 40mm spindle
£2.50 SOLD OUT
Distressed glass flower drawer knob
DP369 Glass daisy knob, 36mm diameter silver fittings Protrudes 25mm | Spindle 33mm
DP301 Textured glass flower shaped drawer pull | 40mm diameter | Protrudes 20mm | 43mm spindle
£2.50 SOLD OUT
DP302 Squared cut glass drawer knob | 35mm diameter | Protrudes 30mm | 42mm spindle
£2.75 SOLD OUT
Cut Glass Drawer Knob Sea glass look like drawer knob
DP340 Peacock feather drawer knob, made from a semi translucent resin, this pull really comes alive under light, ball shaped no backer 30mm diameter | 40mm Spindle
£2.50 SOLD OUT

DP45 Faceted glass drawer knob 46mm diameter, ideal for vintage look furniture approx 25mm depth | 40mm spindle
£2.50 SOLD OUT

DP54 Deep green glass (heavy) drawer pulls, like sea glass, bubbles and colour depth different for each one, real wow factor on the right piece 40mm diam 48mm deep £4.50 SOLD OUT
Orange butterfly Glass drawer knob
Red dragonfly drawer pull
Blue dragonfly drawer pull
DP82 Vintage look Orange Butterfly pull, domed glass top on silver backer 40mm|
DP83 Dragonfly Vintage look pulls, domed glass top on silver backer 40mm|
£3.99 SOLD OUT
DP84 Blue Dragonfly Vintage look pulls, domed glass top on silver backer 40mm|
£3.99 SOLD OUT
Coal tit
Pink butterfly drawer knob
Yellow bird drawer pull
DP85 Vintage look blue tit drawer pull, domed glass top on silver backer 40mm|
£3.99 SOLD OUT
DP86 Vintage look Pink Butterfly drawer knob, domed glass top on silver backer 40mm|
£3.99 SOLD OUT
DP87 Yellow bird vintage look drawer knob, domed glass top on silver backer 40mm|
£3.99 SOLD OUT
Amber Glass Ball knob Blue Glass Ball drawer pull Blue Glass Faceted Pull
DP180 Amber glass ball drawer knob, silver backer 32mm diameter
£2.50 SOLD OUT
DP101 Blue glass ball drawer knob 32mm diam silver backer
£2.50 SOLD OUT
DP134 Blue glass faceted drawer round drawer pull nickel coloured backer | 30mm diameter
£3.99 last 1 or 2
Simple classic glass drawer knob Glass Vintage style drawer knob
DP368 Simple pretty glass flower drawer knob 40mm diameter | depth of pull 24mm | Spindle length 28mm
DP271 Embossed glass domed drawer knob 33mm diameter with silver style backing plate protrudes 30mm
DP299 Pretty vintage style cut glass ball drawer knob, cut glass star design in centre 35mm diameter | protrudes 30mm | 40mm spindle
£2.50 SOLD OUT
Gisela Graham Glass heart drawer knob Vintage style glass drawer knob
DP303 Large Chunky Cut glass clear drawer knob 60mm diameter | protrudes 42mm | 35mm spindle
£3.95 less than 6 left
DP304 Gisela Graham Cut Glass heart drawer pull 42mm diameter | protrudes 22mm | 43mm spindle
DP341 Delicate vintagey style flued glass drawer knob, think hotair balloon shape 30mm diameter | protrudes 36mm | 38mm spindle

Uk delivery only | Please read our terms & conditions before ordering or contact us with any queries.