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Drawer Pulls-

Whites and creams, ideal for the Shabby chic look, beautiful with Chalk paints, perfect for renovating wardrobes and drawers knobs in every shade, need some help? see our guide to handpainting furniture.

Sizes given for the drawer pulls are for the diameter, please double click on the image for an enlarged view, NB. you can alter the order quantities on the checkout page, all are subject to availability.........Drawer Pulls Patterned | Drawer Pulls Mixed | Drawer Pulls Spots & Stripes | Drawer Pulls Glass | Drawer Pulls Vintage Colours | Drawer Pulls Whites & Neutrals

China seed head drawer pull Ammonite Shell Drawer knob pull handle Small vintage fluted drawer pull
DP377 Cream/aged white Seed head drawer knob, 32mm diameter|Protrudes 35mm|Spindle 45mm
DP187 Ammonite / shell ceramic drawer knob Aged white/ cream, ideal for bathroom furniture or a seaside theme 40mm diameter 28mm deep
£2.50 SOLD OUT
DP155 Small and cute vintage looking off white pull, with lovely fluted design, the perfect little shappby chic cupboard knob 36mm diameter antique brass centre
£2.50 SOLD OUT

White melon drawer pull

DP202 White melon pull. 44mm diameter
DP272 White Ceramic Bird Knob
50mm at widest point 40mm deep
30mm spindle
£2.50 SOLD OUT
DP273 White embossed drawer knob, distressed finish.
50mm at widest point


White drawer knob
DP281 White ceramic flower knob 42mm diameter | 35mm deep | 36mm spindle
DP268 White ceramic disc shape pull, Antique brass backer & centre | 36mm diameter | 25mm deep | 40mm spindle

DP29 Off white ceramic pull with ceramic back antique brass centre 43mm diameter | Protrudes 48mm

White antique crackle drawer knob
DP313 Gilded flower - White melon drawer knob 40mm diamter | Protrudes 30mm | Spindle 34mm
£2.50 LAST FEW

DP269 Simple white drawer knob silver fittings 42mm diameter | protrudes 32mm | Spindle 28mm

DP375 White antique crackle melon shaped drawer pull 42mm diameter | 32mm Protrudes | Spindle 33mm

DP28 Cream ceramic melon pull antique brass centre 55mm diameter | Protrudes 44mm please note these are Large!
DP33 Pale cream melon shaped ceramic drawer pull ant brass centre 42mm diameter | Protrudes 40mm
DP48 Large Cream ceramic relief drawer knob antique brass centrepiece and backing plate 55mm diameter | Protrudes 58mm

Cream small cupboard knob Cream textured drawer knob
DP15 Cream ceramic drawer pull provencal style , ant brass centre & backer. 40mm | Protrudes 30mm
DP18 Plain cream melon shape textured drawer pull, ant brass centre 42mm | Protrudes 36mm
DP20 Soft cream melon shaped drawer pull, brass centre ceramic back 45mm diameter | Protrudes 48mm
White ceramic drawer handle
Cream ceramic drawer knob Simple white ceramic drawer knob
DP04 Large Vanilla white large melon drawer pull with silver centre and backer 55mm diameter | Protrudes 44mm
DP49 Large Cream layered petal effect ceramic drawer pull in pale cream, ant silver centre and backing plate 55mm diameter | Protrudes 58mm
£2.50 SOLD OUT
DP194 Antique white ceramic pull with antique brass centre and backer
42mm diameter | Protrudes 40mm | 28mm Spindle
Cream with black line flower drawer knob Cream antique crackle cupboard knob Vanilla white cupboard knob
DP172 Off white melon pull with black line flower design, silver centre and backer
43mm diameter | Protrudes 30mm
£2.50 SOLD OUT
DP386 Simple round cream antique crackle drawer knob,silver centre and backer | 38mm diameter | Protrudes 33mm | Spindle 33mm

DP188 Vanilla white ceramic melon drawer knob 44mm diameter | Protrudes 30mm

Large white tiered flower knob Butterfly print drawer knob ceramic

DP376 White china tiered flower large drawer knob
50mm diameter | Protrudes 40mm | 25mm Spindle

DP311 Butterfly print ceramic drawer pull
40mm diameter | Protrudes 22mm | 36mm Spindle
£2.50 SOLD OUT
DP329 White melon with simple clean blue daisy print, 42mm diameter | Protrudes 35mm | 28mm Spindle
£2.50 SOLD OUT

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